In June of last year Will Vine and his wife Sarah received the news that no parent ever wants to hear – that their youngest daughter Lily, three, was diagnosed with cancer.
Lily had been complaining of stomach ache, and had repeated visits to her GP and to Musgrove Hospital. Finally, when she lost movement in her legs, an MRI scan revealed a large tumour in her chest. Lily was sent immediately to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where they took a biopsy and began emergency chemotherapy.
Lily’s tumour was diagnosed as a Ewing’s Sarcoma. This has grown from her ribs, pressing against her spine and lungs. She consequently received an intensive course of chemotherapy.
In the November of last year they operated to remove as much of the tumour as they could. The surgery to remove the tumour was successful, and since confirmed that the tumour removed was entirely non-viable. However, whilst they would typically remove a tumour and the area around it to ensure any rogue cells are also removed, they were unable to do so in Lily’s case. The tumour neighboured her spine, lungs and heart. Therefore, she has required further treatment.
Lily underwent further chemotherapy, and in February 2021 began six weeks of intensive radiotherapy.
Throughout their journey Lily and her family have had the support of the CLIC Sargent charity. CLIC Sargent fund nurses and social workers and have provided care for Lily both in hospital and at home. As it is necessary for Lily to have regular blood tests and COVID swabs between treatment, having nurses in the community has allowed Lily to enjoy her short stays at home, without having to spend yet further time in hospital.
CLIC Sargent also provide accommodation for families close to hospital. Currently, Will, Sarah and Lily have been able to stay in CLIC Sargent accommodation in Bristol whilst Lily undergoes her radiotherapy treatment. It is necessary for Lily to have a general anaesthetic every morning, five days a week for six weeks whilst she receives the radiotherapy, so having accommodation on the doorstep to the hospital is essential, particularly during these times of increased restrictions.
The work undertaken and support provided by CLIC Sargent for families in this position is essential, and unseen by many unless they have first hand experience. Ensuring that they can continue to do so is vital for children with cancer and for the well-being of their families.


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